Its Party Time!

Chinese Cooking Party


Learning original Chinese cooking techniques while having fun with friends.

Party will be designed specially to suit your needs.

 “No matter what your dietary requirements are, it won’t spoil the fun.”

All the ingredients and cooking utensils will be prepared and taken to your party location at the agreed time.

Party duration is usually about 2 -3 hours.

Price is from £15 to £45 per person to suit individual’s need.

 Booking at least 10 working days in advance is strictly required.

Chinese Cooking Party Leaflet


.......a fantastic alternative! Thank you, Meiru!

“As an activity for my birthday – which I traditionally celebrate with my twin sister – I had a private Chinese cooking class with Meiru. Communication to arrange it was very easy (everything done over e-mail and to my schedule, which has a tendency to be very full and somewhat chaotic…) and even a last minute addition to our group was accommodated by Meiru’s thoughtful planning of the lesson (addition of another dish/ recipe on the evening before the class).

The lesson itself was great fun; very conveniently held at my home, with a very clear introduction, helpful instruction material, Meiru’s friendly, approachable personality and very relaxed attitude, it was a thoroughly enjoyable as well as a great learning experience for everybody regardless of their level of English skills and cooking experience. The recipes included a variety of ingredients we had not used before (which was very exciting!) as well as some insight into the symbolism of Chinese culinary traditions. Most importantly, it tasted fantastic, too! And as Meiru also supplied a list of recipes to choose from, we are already planning what we would like to learn at the next class.

This time round, our favourites were the sweet and sticky ribs, and the pork and dry bean curd dish, and the cold chicken salad, and the birthday noodles, and the prawns with mange tout… – well, all of it really!!!

I’d definitely recommend this class – indeed, I have already done so! If I could fit it in my schedule, I’d love to do the weekly class, but as I can’t at the moment, the private class was a fantastic alternative! Thank you, Meiru!”


August 2013